“A meteorological report”. Performance by Elsa Mencagli-Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to introduce the performance “A meteorological report” by artist Elsa Mencagli (https://www.elsamencagli.com/) on Monday July 17th at our venue.

Doors open at 16.30h
Performance starts at 17.00h

A meteorological report is the exploration through bodies of the meteorological conditions in the area of Valdres, Norway, during winter 2017.
Two bodies meeting the winter in the Nordic landscape. The white light, the glittering ice in the snow, the frozen air.
The observations of the meteorological conditions are based, rather than on quantitative notions, on the sensory experience of the body.
And how are the bodies reacting and responding? What movements and thoughts are emerging? What is the sound of bodies moving through the air?
The performance is inviting the audience, through a collection of words, video and sounds, into a space of white, of subtle sounds. Where the frozen snow is cracking when you walk at night, and the stars are sharp dots in the sky.