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Art Aia on Google Arts & Culture

A new exhibition by Art Aia on Google and Arts & Culture about “La Dolce Berlin”.

The initiative stems from Morassutti’s long life and work experience in the German capital and offers an overview of Berlin’s independent art scene and its alternative spaces.

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Strasberg legacy . An Online Exhibition on Google Arts & Culture.

In collaboration with Giovanni Morassutti, Google Arts & Culture has created an online exhibition on the history and particularities of the Stanislavskij and Strasberg method.

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Art Aia is pleased to collaborate with emerging photographer Arianna Serio

Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin, subsidiary of Art Aia Creatives \ In \ Residence welcomes Italian photographer Arianna Serio who just started a collaboration in Berlin dealing with social media management, project development, content creation among other duties.

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“Calabrone jewelry”

We are very pleased to have Arianna on board, not only she is a talented photographer but also very capable of creating innovative projects and artistic concepts.

Arianna is sponsored by European Community, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

More info about the project here.

Arts management in South Asia and Europe. The Intertwining of arts management and artistic practice

Italian actor, artist and cultural entrepreneur Giovanni Morassutti and Bangladeshi curator and researcher Sadya Mizan have been collaborating in 2019 in the International project Uronto – an Artist-Led Open Collective in Bangladesh with a residential exchange program. In the following interview, they share its outcomes for international arts management, curatorship, cooperation, and similarities and differences between art practices in the Western and the non-Western world.

Dubolhati Rajbari located in Naogaon, Bangladesh

Sadya: What is your understanding of the intersection of curation and arts management in the European context?

Giovanni: I have the feeling that curatorship in Europe is becoming more and more an academic field confined to institutional settings. The problem is that the process tends to be very analytical, requiring to apply the knowledge of contemporary art theories, mainly connected to criticism of visual art forms. This can lack a more intuitive interpretation of artworks, which in my opinion would allow a better understanding of the artistic process. I also believe that it is important to integrate the knowledge of different disciplines in the development of creative communication between art and society, as well as it is fundamental to learn how to communicate with the audience. In terms of arts management, I see, especially in Berlin, many people and art collectives inventing and testing new formats. Many project spaces, including my pop-up gallery Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin, are interested in opening up intellectual borders between different cultures by independently managed residency programs and cultural exchanges. The intersection happens when there is an interest in interpreting art production in a wider context.

Sadya: I completely understand the consequences of the academic process focusing too much into art history and feeding art critics while ignoring the need for interactive communication. In Bangladesh, on the other hand, there is only a very poor presence of curatorial practice, no curators in art infrastructures, no curatorial studies in any art institute – matter of fact, we have such few numbers of such institutes at all and all of them with a classical colonized curriculum. Some of the artists with strong passion and dedication are coming in front line action as independent curators or arts managers, mostly learning by doing. I look at this also positively as a kind of freedom but in the long run we do need institutional training, not necessarily in art history but in other related segments. Especially nowadays the freedom of self-taught curatorial positions in Bangladesh is being corrupted by few practitioners to survive in the shrinking pot of opportunities ultimately contaminating the importance of a curator and arts manager.

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Van Gogh’s The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring Has Been Stolen.

The rectory garden in Nuenen with female figure

Singer Laren museum in Laren was closed to the public when at around 3:15 a.m on March 30th some thieves smashed a large glass door at the front of the museum to access the building. According to the local authorities perpetrators had vanished by the time Police arrived, stealing Dutch master’s painting. The painting was on loan from the Groninger Museum in Groningen, the Netherlands, and it was painted when Van Gogh was living in Neunen, where his father was a pastor. Police have launched a criminal investigation and are requesting any security footage captured by cameras in the neighborhood and questioning local residents. Anna Singer established The museum  in 1954 and it includes works by Dutch artists Chris Beekman, Jan Toorop and Herman Kruyder, among others.

More info about the The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring 

Artist-run Alliance features Art Aia Initiatives

International platform for artist run initiatives Artist Run Alliance features Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence Initiatives. The platform,organized by the Alfred Institute for Art and Culture, typically includes artist co-operatives, independent galleries and art spaces and came about trough a need for artist run initiatives in many parts of the world to connect and interact through a global network, in the process building relationships based on a shared vision. Art Aia has also been added to their platform which is featuring initiatives of Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence in Italy and Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin including up-to-date information of activities, events and happenings.
ARA maps artist run initiatives in far-flung places around the globe, enable mentor ship and knowledge sharing and provide models and funding solutions for new art initiatives. The Artist Run Alliance is an ongoing, developing project whose primary focus is to cater to the international art community, but also intent on engaging the general public.

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