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“Ruinenlust” – Emilia Lloret-Photography -Friday September 1st at 18h-Berlin

Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin is pleased to invite you on Friday, September 1st at 18h to the solo show of Latin American photographer Emilia Lloret (
After a month residency at our venue, the artist will show you her newest work based on her project in Berlin.

“I always return to taking pictures. The sense of getting close to capture memories without the need of words always pulls me back in. This is why I continue.
Creating pictures allows me to acknowledge my own feelings of solitude and vulnerability and enables me to relate to the world around me”.

Emilia Lloret was born in Ecuador (1989). Her work moves between documentary and artistic photography focusing on themes regarding identity and belonging.
Her work has been exhibited worldwide in America, Europe and Asia in festivals such as the FotoFever Art Fair in Louvre Paris, La Salle College of the Arts Singapore, Framed in Sloane Square London, ECAR Art Residency in Boston, Cork Festival in Ireland, etc.
Among her most important awards and recognitions are winning the Deutsche Bank Award in Photography (2014), selected for the first Master Class Latin America by World Press Photo in México City (2015), selected for the Emmanuel College Art Residency Boston (2016), finalist for the Magnum Fellowship in Human Rights (2016).
Her work has been published in The New York Times, Newsweek, The BBC, The Telegraph, The British Journal of Photography, among others.

“Taking the exploration of abandoned places in Berlin as a departing point, these pictures are a visual record of the experiences, encounters, and emotions I went through while I was visiting these locations.
More than a testimony, this series is an exploration of the sense of loss, impermanence and imperfection”.01.jpg


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Dopo il primo scambio ( che ha visto partecipare alcuni artisti italiani, come Carlo de Meo(, ad una residenza presso L’Institut für Alles Mögliche di Berlino, Art Aia-Creatives/ In / Residence e´lieta di annunciarvi la seconda parte del progetto BERLIN ART EXCHANGE .

Questa volta saranno alcuni artisti Berlinesi membri dell´Institut für Alles Mögliche (, tra cui il suo direttore e artista Stefan Riebel, che verranno ospitati dal  7 al 14 Agosto, in FVG per svolgere un periodo di residenza artistica.

Gli artisti tedeschi saranno sostenuti per la realizzazione di opere inedite presso gli spazi di Art Aia – Creatives/ In / Residence al fine di creare un ponte di scambi culturali tra la scena tedesca e gli ambienti di sperimentazione rurali della campagna friulana. Durante il periodo della residenza organizzaremo dei picnic e degli aperitivi rustici per poterci conoscere , condividere del tempo insieme e magari piantare qualche seme per progetti futuri .


After, the first exchange ( that involved some Italian artists such as Carlo de Meo ( attending a residency at the Institut für Alles Mögliche of Berlin, Art Aia-Creatives / In / Residence is pleased to announce the second part of the BERLIN ART EXCHANGE project.

This time, some Berlin artists, members of the Institut für Alles Mögliche (, including its director and artist Stefan Riebel,  will be hosted from August 7th-14th in FVG for an artistic residency.

The German artists will be supported for the creation of new art works to be created in the spaces of Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence in order to foster cultural exchange and to create a tie between German artists/ art spaces and the rural environment of the Friuli countryside.During the time of the residency, we will organize picnics and rustic aperitifs to get to know each other, share time together and hopefully plant some seeds for future projects.

“A meteorological report”. Performance by Elsa Mencagli-Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to introduce the performance “A meteorological report” by artist Elsa Mencagli ( on Monday July 17th at our venue.

Doors open at 16.30h
Performance starts at 17.00h

A meteorological report is the exploration through bodies of the meteorological conditions in the area of Valdres, Norway, during winter 2017.
Two bodies meeting the winter in the Nordic landscape. The white light, the glittering ice in the snow, the frozen air.
The observations of the meteorological conditions are based, rather than on quantitative notions, on the sensory experience of the body.
And how are the bodies reacting and responding? What movements and thoughts are emerging? What is the sound of bodies moving through the air?
The performance is inviting the audience, through a collection of words, video and sounds, into a space of white, of subtle sounds. Where the frozen snow is cracking when you walk at night, and the stars are sharp dots in the sky.



Art Aia – Creatives/ In / Residence is really excited to be developing a partnership with The Arts Territory Exchange.



Annelisa Leinbach-Invisible Cities-June 30th at 19h-Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Annelisa Leinbach on June 30th at 19h at our venue.

Annelisa Leinbach-Invisible Cities

calvino door small.jpg

Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin
Uban (U6) Seestr
Opening on Friday June 30th at 19h
Sustainable Wines by

The thing I love most about art is its ability to connect people across boundaries of language, background, and culture. So I especially love to capture people and nature – things that are alive. The complexity of human expression alone is something I could explore for a century.

I was born in Preetz, Germany but grew up in the American southwest, where my childhood camping in the wilderness gave me a love for travel. After high school, I moved across the country to Yale University, where I studied art and its connections to law and journalism. I have painted work from tiny newspaper illustrations to giant murals on the walls of New York, but my favorite method is bringing my sketchbook out in public and capturing what I discover. I’ve been lucky enough to work in the field in over 14 countries, mostly on artistic fellowships; destinations include Mongolia, Jerusalem, France, Iceland, and finally Berlin.

This project was inspired by Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities: a philosophical analysis of different imaginary cities around the world and the differences and similarities between societies. Living in Berlin – a nexus of dialogue about globalization – I’ve become fascinated by different kinds of human community. My brushstrokes stitch together historical references and my own observations into a visual collage, whose layers of detail can be explored much like a city itself.


Charmaine de Heij – Dreams and reality- Photography-Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the photography exhibition ” Dreams and reality ” of Charmaine de Heij on March 10th at 6:00 pm,
Charmaine de Heij is a photographer based in the Netherlands. She explores the boundaries between her dreams and reality. For her photography is a visual diary. She visualizes her utopia with a lot of colors and alienation. Inspiration comes from thoughts, happenings and the nightlife. She makes portraits and still life.
You’re more than welcome to take a look inside her head the 10th of March.

Philipp Sonntag – Paintings-June 3rd-Berlin

Art Aia-La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the opening of the solo show of Philipp Sonntag at La Dolce Berlin art space in Wedding on Saturday, June 3rd from 6 PM – 11 PM.

oeli10b sonntag 2
A realistic view of life through the eyes of a performer’s imagination.
Philipp Sonntag ( was born in Wambrunn in 1941.
He is a German actor, author, musician, comedian and also a versatile painter.
He graduated from the Academy of Munich as a set designer and after living in several cities in Germany finally, at the age of 20 years old, he came to Berlin.
Most people know him as an actor.
He has participated in more than 50 films like: “Love Storm”, ” Alois Pachmeyer”, ” Lindenstrasse” among many others.
In addition to being a cabaretist and an actor, Philipp Sonntag has always been a painter, been inspired by his own life since his childhood.
He has been painting caricatures, sketches, and paintings, through his immense imagination expressing his unique view of the everyday life.
Philipp involves the audience in every exhibition with his live performances through his tales and his music, bringing spectators into the world of his artworks.

oeli1 sonntag

James Devlin – Paintings – May 19th- 19h-Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the solo show of Irish artist James Devlin on Friday May 19th at La Dolce Berlin Art space .



Mixing distortions of the human form with sardonic humor, Devlin paints a world that’s fresh, unyielding and distinctly his own. 7 brand new paintings will be on display from 7:00 pm on the evening of Friday, May 19th. All are invited to attend.

Dublin based artist James Devlin is self-taught in the field of painting/illustration. Practicing for the past three years, his work has been on show throughout Ireland and in New York. His work has also been published internationally. Devlin’s unique take comes from a background in Video/Filmmaking, he received his honors degree in Film from Swansea Metropolitan University Wales in 2011. Going on to work on a number of TV shows in Ireland, Devlin then turned his hand to visual art.

“It’s hard to talk about art, it’s hard to talk about meaning and motive, it’s hard to talk! I’m inspired by the people around me and the places I go, my ideas are just a regurgitation of my experiences but in a distorted way. I’m simply trying to turn myself inside out. The work I intend to show at La Dolce Berlin will be my best batch yet”