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Mariana Panchuk-Sometimes the results surprise me-Drawings-Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the drawings exhibition of Mariana Panchuk on March 24th at 6:00 pm.
5.Dreamer_Mariana Panchuk.jpg
“Creating my drawings is a matter of psychological analysis and catharsis for me. When the accumulated baggage of thoughts, emotions, and senses has not been expressed in the verbal or another form, there comes a need to release that tension. The way I do this is oftentimes through drawing.
The inspiration for my work comes not primarily from manifestations of the material world, but rather from my mental experiences. One could say that the subject of my art is the result of immersing deeper into my inner nature. Visual art is an outlet that allows me to pursue and explore my own feelings and sensations.
In my early artistic work, the creation process used to be completely spontaneous for me, from beginning to end. Before starting a work, I would not even think about its topic and title. I would simply put a sheet of paper in front of me and let my hands create, putting aside any expectations over the final result and watching what was coming out.
Two years ago, I got a new source of inspiration in a very unexpected way. Deeply affected by it I created the artwork “Maybe You Are”, which has since come to mark the transition to a new phase of my artistic development, as well as having begun the present project “UNSPOKEN”. Since then my work has become more conceptual. Before I begin the process of drawing I already have an idea and a notion of the form I want it to be expressed in. Nevertheless, while working on the detailing I just let the subconscious mind take over. Sometimes the results surprise me.
Naturally, each drawing has its own special significance for the author. If you ask what meaning this or that art piece holds for me, I can certainly tell you about each of them. But at the same time, I do not like to impose any frames of perception to the audience. The viewer is given the freedom of finding their own associations and understanding. Very often in the same picture one person finds their own vision that is quite different from another. Thus, the intention of my artwork is to help reveal what lies in the subconscious mind of the beholder as a reflection of their inner world, not only the of artist’s but also the viewer’s.”

Peter Cvik-Substance of Painting- Thursday December 8th at 6-30 pm. Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the solo-show
of Peter Cvik at La Dolce Berlin art-space.

Substance of Painting –

– “From my point of view the main topic is mapping the different principles of using painting and non-painting tools for constructing the contemporary pictures. I am used to work in medium of painting but something matured in me this Year. The questions I am asking myself before touching any tools are for example: What is image now? What does it represent? What is the purpose of painting? Which way of expression to choose?

I used to paint very different using digital postproduction of sketch in softwares such as photoshop etc. After, I decided to change myself. Now I am ready for going deeper in the substance or material or medium itself. Nowadays I am able to compose pictures with using of any digital devices and I am enjoying it a lot.
Painting is an object. It is the representation or interpretation of something, something that we can observe. Anyway It can be done in pure abstract form / not painted it in realistic way.

I am mostly inspired by moments that we usually do not care about nowadays. I would describe it as observation of daily life. I am picking the colours on base I have seen during my walks out of studio or even inside where I work on daily basis. By this method I can work on abstract works that can be considered as disorder of realistic view. It gives me freedom to express my ideas such as metaphysical principles in landscape, interiors and still life.

I can say that the series that I show in Berlin are sort of zooming in from landscape to still-life so they are very traditional/ post-modern in motives of painting. Post-modern is mostly working with derivations of chosen artistic principles that comes out in a form of one piece. This is the base for my work as well. I am focusing on old-masters and avant-garde painting that I am switching to contemporary use of paint.

What I show at my exhibition, it can be described easily as well as surrealistic abstract paintings. They are not showing the objects by typical method of narrative painting but the freedom of working with real space and subject of painting and the consideration of painting as medium.

– Valerio Mazzetti Rossi
Art Curator

State your Art


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-1) short interview (by Skype, emails, or face-to-face) which tries to understand totally your background and your personal approach to Art. 

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Valerio Mazzetti Rossi (1989, Italy) is a curator based in Berlin. He has completed his Master of Visual Arts on Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths University of London, England. Undergraduate: University of Siena in Literature and History of Art; Postgraduate: Contemporary Art History at Goldsmiths University of London, England. 

After working as a gallery assistant and showcase’s director at Galleria Continua, San Gimignano-Le Moulins-Beijing-Havana, he is actually working as an art curator at Institut für Alles Mögliche and La Dolce Berlin, two important art institution/artists residence in Germany. 

He collaborated for some projects at Venice Biennale, thanks to Aurora Fonda, director of Slovenian Pavilion at the Biennale in Venice. (Gallery Aplusa) He got many experience as artistic writer, gallery assistant and art curator in England, France, Italy and USA. 

His main interest is to develop a new multi-tasking art gallery in which architecture, graphic design, photography and art in its general meaning are combined together to give the best service to any international artists.

Passerby -/- Wyatt Mills- Thursday November 3rd at 6 pm. Berlin

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce
the solo-exhibition of Wyatt Mills in our new space in Berlin.

After graduating from School of Visual Arts (New York), Wyatt Mills has since exhibited work in multiple solo and group shows in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. After working for two months of living and working in Berlin, he has developed a new body of work, titled ‘Passerby’.

Mills portraits are focused on the establishment of an identity and the process that leads to the outcome. The layers upon layers of transforming paint are a visual reflection of the dynamic experiences and perceptions which compile themselves to make or change a person. There are flickering moments of static reality amongst a sea of abstraction, resembling an effort to remember a passing stranger. A single brush stroke has the power to change the mood of a subject or even it’s entire appearance and demeanor – just as memory could form a false depiction of a person. Each piece offers a glimpse of a personality, offering just enough information for the viewer to puzzle together the rest. Mills aims to glorify the mundane and heighten our awareness of the wonderful abstracted perceptions our every day moments.

Wyatt Mills is an American artist who is currently working and living at our art-space in Berlin .

” All painting is an accident. But it’s also not an accident, because one must select what part of the accident one chooses to preserve” .

Francis Bacon claimed it in order to explain how his subjects have been developed thanks to mental procedures.

Wyatt is a worthy heir to that transformation of the human form, of an analytical development in penetrating and expressing the anthropoid condition in its ruthless nakedness, without rhetoric or artifices. After attending the School of Visual Arts (New York), he began to investigate – with a surprising maturity and judgment – the reality, deconstructing the geometry for a humanistic purpose, by nailing the individual to a sweet and clear physiognomy of signs and lines.

“My art, my matter is a mechanism of memorization. It is an active and fluid process to personify a dialogue”

This dialogue, this desire for communication, takes place not only within his works, but, even, through the encounter with the public. There is a deep awareness in mixing as much the matter as the various personalities of the ‘being’. Mainly using oil and collage on canvas, Wyatt Mills orchestrates a mute symphony of subjects who apparently have no form or body. They are an attempt so “human, all too human” to understand our humanity, our vital reflection in front of a messy and chaotic world. The intrinsic necessity of the artist itself to remember something, to block – spatially and not temporally- a segment of individuality, a tramp particle conceived by history, a piece of a cardboard and, lately, the matter which is both female and mother.

“My bodies are not static. They love change”

In this way, Wyatt claims that his procedure is continually hampered, interrupted, and thus improved, by the flow of consciousness. Androgynous bodies are immersed in a planetary wheel in which, declaring their vitality, they fluctuate so precisely ordered and disciplined, just as some parts of their body (hands, eyes, lips). Wyatt’s artworks do not speak. They think and therefore they are. Wyatt Mills responds concretely to a great contemporary desire: “Who we are when we are thinking?”

for more info go to:

-Written by Valerio Mazzetti Rossi . Art Curator

Apply for our Pop-up gallery in Berlin !

Would you like to exhibit your art in Berlin?


Our space in Berlin is a pop-up gallery where you can create your own temporary exhibition with the assistance of our art curator. You can show your last film, present your newest book, show your art or perform your piece. We will organize an artists talk if you like and prepare an excellent refreshment with our gorgeous wines for your personal event.If you come from outside Berlin you can stay in our guest room while you work on opening your solo show.
Apply to our Pop-up Gallery by filling up our application form :

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting your art at our Pop-up gallery. We really hope to host your art !



Artistic synergy between Art Aia – Creatives \ In \ Residence and
the Institut für Alles Mögliche

Sunday 3rd July // 8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Art-spaces Kanzlei and Zentrale, Schererstraße 9-11, 13347 Berlin


Curated by Elena Giulia Abbiatici and Valerio Mazzetti Rossi

What are the boundaries of the mind? What is the state of the neutral mind, considering it something that extends to the whole body and not only coincides with the brain?
How do we think, memorize and conceive the world itself? Where does the image come from?

The intent of this Berlin Art Exchange is to deepen the mechanisms of action of our mind, naturally taking into account the influence of how techno-logos, inter-net, space of memory work on our minds and bodies. We are still wondering how they are able to transform the characteristics of our own nature, reformulating our modality to approach every aspect of life in a hybrid shape.

This hybrid and transparent space, as the production of the artists, is placed in anywhere Café Point. The latter, since its inception, continues to be the meeting point where different cultures, cult and sensitivities meet each other for an appointment, a simple “ hi” or the beginning of a new path.

“Maybe a coffee is what serves as a link, between subjects, allowing us to live in society, to be together, but since social relations are always ambiguous, since my thoughts divide as much as unite, and my words unite by what they express and isolate by what they omit, since my wide gulf separates my subjective certainty of myself, from the objective truth others have of me …”
(from 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle by Jean-Luc Godard, 1967).

There are many legends about the origin of coffee. The best known says that a shepherd named Kaldi led to graze goats in Ethiopia. One day they met a coffee plant and began to eat the berries and to chew the leaves. Once the night came, instead of sleeping, the goats began to wander with energy and liveliness never expressed before. Seeing this, the shepherd toasted the plant seeds such as those eaten by his flock, then milled them and made an infusion, getting the coffee.

The collective imagination of the artists in exhibition is contaminated with images, narratives, stories, listening, embedded memories or imaginary sensations. This Multi Kulti Café is the personal legend, the filter of their memory, the grain subjected to new and personal re-workings, in a suspension that is not a break but wants to be the trace of a dialogue.

We are an ongoing elaboration of past memories that we project into the future. Memory is a trace of a more or less recent past, which we store in our bodily experiences and what for various reasons we forgive or remove. At this neuro-scientific level, the hypothalamus is the seat of long- term memory, in which we impress our reminiscences, from where the man starts to construct reality creating new images and making them eternal. Fundamentally, there are two types of memory: an implicit (unconscious) one – emotional and automatic – and an explicit one, that we activate through a voluntary and conscious act. In the first case, it is a real intelligence of the body, which, without manifestations, emerges in the ways of doing, choosing, talking, moving on. This is the memory where the artists obtain from.

From this point, Franco Losvizzero‘s research begins with the aim at revealing the primal instincts, our hidden darkness, freeing the man from his mechanisms, reworking the practice of transcendental meditation, to which he was introduced since his childhood.

Adéla Součková, Czech artist, proceeds by written graphic symbols and stick figures to represent, following instinct, images and thoughts that appear to her mind, as in a web page, where several inputs coexist. It’s a thrust in rocky drawing, re-thought through virtual language.

Matteo Giuntini, as well, proceeds to give shapes to his ancestral and uncensored thoughts, creating some super-heroes without a story. The sincerity and mastery in capturing the essence constitute his original production, without masks or shadows, speaking to everyone silently.

Carlo De Meo, wandering, finds material that expresses in a re-use that is not recovery, but re-connotation of the elements in a chameleonic extension crossing the surrounding space.

The fluids faces of Chloé Louise Smith’s female portraits, her primitive graphic signs and her African nickname (Naku), are the natural path of a coffee bean, which is diluted together to all those possible and improbable human figures that we usually run into in a Café.

One of the most beautiful and meaningful old age myths is that one of Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus, which means darkness, makes a soul’s journey into the underworld to seek his beloved Eurydice. It is the rationality that goes to rethink the original creativity. Orpheus, turning back to Eurydice, with no trusting in her, has been condemned for the eternity, and stuck into a tension between the Apollonian and the Dionysian one, between the order of ratio and an intuitive knowledge.

Info: // // //


The Institut für Alles Mögliche

The Institut für Alles Mögliche is an artistic project that, by using experimental means, sets about questioning, scrutinising and probing the institutionalisation and presentation of contemporary art. To this end project spaces are opened, events developed and various artistic practices tried out. These, mostly playful experiments deal with interrogations of the ‘art space’, the operatings of the ‘project space’ and ‘exhibiting’ often in an ironic manner.

The central concept is to develop spaces of possibility in which exchange and experiences can take place and space for artistic activity can come in to being. The project can be understood as an organism, as an artistic attempt to find niches and to implant a non-commercial program into the commercial structure of the municipal sphere. It is intended to formulate a notion, a proposal, an approach on how artistic collaborations, collective learning and cohabitation can be constructed. The project tries to create an alternative, which opposes the economic utilisation of art, the artistic pressure to produce and increasing standardisation.

Projects that are realized within the Institut are non–commercial and not market-orientated. We place great value on artistic practices and forms of expression that take place beyond art fairs and galleries. During our deliberately short events – the majority no longer than three days – experimental set-ups, unfinished concepts and playful approaches can be tried out and realised. The creations and projects that come in to being through these processes can work out uncannily but also fail spectacularly.

Director: Stefan Riebel //

Art Aia – Creatives \ In \ Residence

Art Aia- Creatives/ In/ Residence is a cultural center, a creative residency, located inside a farm in the Friulian countryside of Northern Italy, near the town of Sesto al Reghena in the province of Pordenone. Its aims are the cultural research and the artistic experimentation in the area, the circulation of information, the promotion of art and culture at a local and international level. Art Aia pursues exclusively cultural and artistic activities, guided by the idea that art can help to overcome the limitations and barriers place to communication still today, which in a way reduce imagination and creativity. For this reason, Art Aia is strongly committed to the promotion of exchange and collaboration between individual artists and groups of various nationalities and backgrounds. The Centre organizes and hosts different types of activities : the artists may reside at Art Aia during periods of study and work, develop new projects, create performances or audiovisual work, attend courses, seminars and workshops on different techniques, present their work within Festivals and exhibitions and carry out activities aimed to the development of their artistic skills and creative process. Art Aia is also an ecology center, immersed in the nature of the Friulan territory, where it is possible to get familiar with sustainable agriculture and innovative practices of eco-therapy. Over the past five years, one of the main activity of Art Aia has been the higher education, with courses taught by international artists, and the center is also willing to enlarge the proposals of projects to the various fields in a logic of resilience. Several groups have also been hosted in the structure to carry out creative residencies, aimed at the preparation of new art projects. The spirit of Art Aia is to develop creativity, understood as a cultural resource and potential for growth, within a natural setting where it is possible to establish a new relationship between humanity, art and nature.

Director: Giovanni Morassutti//


L’Institut fur Alles Mogliche di Berlino in collaborazione con Art Aia – Creatives In Residence presenta la lista dei vincitori della residenza artistica “Berlin Art Exchange 2016”.

Una giuria composta da esperti dell’Institut für Alles Mögliche e di Art Aia | Creatives In Residence nel rispetto dei criteri di valutazione del bando, che va dall’Idea progettuale: (30 punti) / Modalità di realizzazione entro la durata della residenza (25 p.)/ Coerenza con il progetto Berlin Art Exchange (15 p.) / Capacità comunicativa del progetto artistico (30 p.), con totale massimo di 100 punti, annuncia con soddisfazione i primi sei classificati (in ordine alfabetico):

ELENA GIULIA ABBIATICI – in qualità di curatrice (ITA)






Gli artisti e la storica dell’arte saranno sostenuti dal centro culturale nel periodo della residenza per la realizzazione di opere inedite presso gli spazi dell’Institut für Alles Mögliche al fine di creare un ponte di scambi culturali tra artisti italiani, e gli ambienti di sperimentazione berlinesi. Giornate di ricevimento con “open studio”, incontri con studenti, curatori/galleristi e con il pubblico saranno scadenzati a partire dal 27 Giugno al 4 Luglio 2016.

Come afferma il dir. artistico di Art Aia e regista Giovanni Morassutti:- Si svilupperà una fase successiva in cui 6 artisti tedeschi e altre eccellenze internazionali, saranno ospitati in Friuli Venezia Giulia a partire dal 2017.

L’appuntamento è per il 3 Luglio alle ore 20.00 con la mostra presso Institut für Alles Mögliche



Our friend Sadya Mizan is launching the 5th Project of “URONTO”

URONTO is an artist community who are in a new way working toward documenting a sector of memories of old architectural existences through any discipline of Art. Basically “URONTO” Residential Art Exchange Program is a meeting place for creative individuals to work with a common theme and space, but in different languages. Visual artists, photographers, writers, film maker, architect, musicians and performing artists are only a few disciplines who will be participating at these gatherings, which will often take place in rustic landscapes, whether it be old, abandoned houses or camp out in rural communities and mostly to any soon-to-be dumped or finished place or natural atmosphere.
The aim of the program is to accommodate and sustain an organic environment for the artists to fall in rhythm with the natural sphere and project their insights amongst fellow artists, ultimately creating a reverberating atmosphere to inspire further projects.
“URONTO” works toward documenting the relation of time and space and the changes of spaces with time, through art practice of any discipline. Participants of each project are invited to portray the history, stories, myth, values or anything about the architectural structure or house or building chosen for every episode.
We do believe that every form of art is inter-related and also it has its own prosper strength individually indeed. Therefore we invite artist of any creative discipline to participate, so that we can have a unique documentation of the theme in enormous variation of artistic media. Where a writer might produce literary pieces or an article; an artist might prepare a painting or an installation piece while a musician may create a tune/number based on mood, history and atmosphere of the place.
Guideline of the project:
Venue: PK Sen Building, Sadarghat, Chittagong.
Date: 22-29 July 2016
Reporting Date: 22July 2016 at
Working dates: 23-28 July 2016
Open studio day: 29 & 30 July 2016

Artists in Residency open call in Armenia

TAI (Today Art Initiative) Artists in Residency – OPEN CALL
We are pleased to inform that the call for the Artists-in-Residence Program of TAI 2016 has been opened.
We look forward to receiving the applications of the international artists those who have enthusiasm for realizing their creative projects in Yerevan capital of Armenia.
Duration of residency
1-8 months
Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
-Visual art, performance art, music, architecture, urban art, literature, curatorial and cultural research, arts administration, art management, cultural leadership, and interdisciplinary art.
-Basic tools and art supplies.
-Logistic support and assistance for artists’ residency projects.
Private furnished room and shared kitchen in Yerevan.
Private or shared studio/room with hared kitchenette in Yerevan
Fees and support
Applicants are responsible for covering the residency fee that includes the studio rent, utilities and administrative support. TAI will provide letters for successful residents and support their applications (with needed documents) for external grants to cover the fee, travel, food, production and other costs.
No stipend or allowance for international artists for this period.
If an artist would like to have an exhibition during the residency,we will support logistic fee according to the proposal.
Expectations towards the artist
To join welcome party, field trip, artist talk, joint exhibition, open studio , presentation, discussions..etc.
Application information
You can send your Portfolio and project proposal (Max 700 word) to :
We look forward to having artists form different parts of the world.