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Giovanni Morassutti: “Trust and help people around you”

At the moment, I am consolidating collaborations with several international partners and with the Region of Friuli- Venezia Giulia. The activities of the art center resonate with the local community. The outcomes of my projects are usually open to the public and have received a particular interest among the local people.

I am also aiming to foster cultural tourism and community involvement. Friuli- Venezia Giulia is a culturally unique region shaped by history, traditions and art. I would love to collaborate with other local entities. I would say that at this stage, the three things that would support my effort would be to promote my cause, donate to the art center, and collaborate on our projects.

As a part of our series about stars who are making an important social impact, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Giovanni Morassutti.

Giovanni Morassutti (born March 15, 1980, in Padua) is an Italian actor, director, writer, artist, and cultural entrepreneur. He is a graduate of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, and representative of Method Acting, being a long-time student and collaborator of John Strasberg and having also studied with his sister Susan in the late ’90s. Since 2001 he has acted in more than 20 films, including independent films, prime time tv, and international films. In 2016 he wrote the foreword to the Italian version of Strasberg´s book “ Accidentally on Purpose: Reflections on Life, Acting and the Nine Natural Laws of Creativity ”. Giovanni Morassutti is the founder of Art Aia — Creatives / In / Residence, an international art residency and arts school located in the countryside of the north-eastern Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia that focuses on developing the creative process, holism and sustainable practices by preserving biodiversity and facilitating cultural exchange across borders.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Can you share with us the “backstory” that led you to this career path?

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