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Some updates on the founder of Art AIa – Creatives / In / Residence

Giovanni Morassutti , founder and artistic director of Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence , actor and director is the winner of the Best Supporting Actor Award  at The Empy Space Film Festival 2020 for his role as Damian in the film Lola directed by Francesca Tasini. Giovanni Morassutti is also competing for the David di Donatello Award (2021) , the Italian equivalent to the American Academy Awards, for his role in Affittasi Vita directed by Stefano Usardi.

More information about Best Supporting Actor Award and about the David di Donatello on his Official Website.

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Art Aia on Google Arts & Culture

A new exhibition by Art Aia on Google and Arts & Culture about “La Dolce Berlin”.

The initiative stems from Morassutti’s long life and work experience in the German capital and offers an overview of Berlin’s independent art scene and its alternative spaces.

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Strasberg legacy . An Online Exhibition on Google Arts & Culture.

In collaboration with Giovanni Morassutti, Google Arts & Culture has created an online exhibition on the history and particularities of the Stanislavskij and Strasberg method.

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It is a matter of “the Method “

The actor Giovanni Morassutti, with Google Arts & Culture, brings online a Digital Exhibition on the history and peculiarities of the discussed “Method”, from Stanislavskij to Strasberg.

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Railroad vince il premio Tor Vergata al XVIII Festival Internazionale del Teatro Patologico. In scena anche l’attore Giovanni Morassutti in entrambi i ruoli da protagonista

Giovanni Morassutti e Lilia Lytra in Railroad

Si è conclusa da pochi giorni la ventottesima edizione del Festival del Teatro Patologico diretto da Dario D’Ambrosi e dedicato alla memoria di Ellen Stewart, La Mama di New York. Molti gli spettacoli presentati tra cui Railroad scritto e diretto dall’americano Bryan Reynolds, fondatore della compagnia internazionale Transversal Theater Company. Un cast europeo con attori greci come Xronis Sapountzakis e Sophia Dermitzaki , belgi come Bruno Mathelart e suo figlio Romain, svedesi come Fredrik Schirén, olandesi come l´attrice e cantante Anouk briefjes e italiani come Francesca Tasini e Antonio Russo alle prese con un dramma forte e intenso sul tema dell’Olocausto.

La storia di due famiglie, una ebrea e una nazista e dei loro posteri americani. Il dramma è originariamente concepito per far interpretare agli stessi quattro attori tutti i ruoli come per Giovanni Morassutti, che ha avuto modo d’interpretare sia il padre della famiglia tedesca nella produzione in Svezia del 2014, sia quello del padre della famiglia ebrea in Belgio nel 2019, cimentandosi con “le due facce della medaglia” e dando prova della sua versatilità attoriale. “Sono molto contento di questo riconoscimento” afferma Morassutti. “Non solo per il fatto che sia un omaggio a Ellen con cui ho avuto l’onore di lavorare durante gli anni trascorsi a New York e che tengo sempre nel cuore, ma perche’ ritengo che uno spettacolo con attori internazionali rappresenti una sfida e un’opportunità di mettere in gioco un’idea culturale prestabilita di teatro e recitazione. In fondo questo l’ho imparato proprio a La MaMa“. Morassutti e un attore diplomato al Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Roma, da alcuni anni di base a Berlino, che si divide tra cinema e teatro oltre a dedicarsi all’arte contemporanea come artista e imprenditore culturale.

Leggi l´articolo completo su Agenzia Stampa

Arts management in South Asia and Europe. The Intertwining of arts management and artistic practice

Italian actor, artist and cultural entrepreneur Giovanni Morassutti and Bangladeshi curator and researcher Sadya Mizan have been collaborating in 2019 in the International project Uronto – an Artist-Led Open Collective in Bangladesh with a residential exchange program. In the following interview, they share its outcomes for international arts management, curatorship, cooperation, and similarities and differences between art practices in the Western and the non-Western world.

Dubolhati Rajbari located in Naogaon, Bangladesh

Sadya: What is your understanding of the intersection of curation and arts management in the European context?

Giovanni: I have the feeling that curatorship in Europe is becoming more and more an academic field confined to institutional settings. The problem is that the process tends to be very analytical, requiring to apply the knowledge of contemporary art theories, mainly connected to criticism of visual art forms. This can lack a more intuitive interpretation of artworks, which in my opinion would allow a better understanding of the artistic process. I also believe that it is important to integrate the knowledge of different disciplines in the development of creative communication between art and society, as well as it is fundamental to learn how to communicate with the audience. In terms of arts management, I see, especially in Berlin, many people and art collectives inventing and testing new formats. Many project spaces, including my pop-up gallery Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin, are interested in opening up intellectual borders between different cultures by independently managed residency programs and cultural exchanges. The intersection happens when there is an interest in interpreting art production in a wider context.

Sadya: I completely understand the consequences of the academic process focusing too much into art history and feeding art critics while ignoring the need for interactive communication. In Bangladesh, on the other hand, there is only a very poor presence of curatorial practice, no curators in art infrastructures, no curatorial studies in any art institute – matter of fact, we have such few numbers of such institutes at all and all of them with a classical colonized curriculum. Some of the artists with strong passion and dedication are coming in front line action as independent curators or arts managers, mostly learning by doing. I look at this also positively as a kind of freedom but in the long run we do need institutional training, not necessarily in art history but in other related segments. Especially nowadays the freedom of self-taught curatorial positions in Bangladesh is being corrupted by few practitioners to survive in the shrinking pot of opportunities ultimately contaminating the importance of a curator and arts manager.

Read the full interview on Arts Management Network – State of the arts

Top 15 Giovanni Morassutti Quotes

Giovanni Enrico Morassutti (born March 15, 1980) is an Italian actor,  director, writer and founder of Art Aia-Creatives/In/Residence.

Here some of his best quotes:

“Find a good teacher, don’t betray yourself to succeed and be a better person before being a better actor.”

“Perfection? Being the most human you can be.”

“Average acting is like jerking without an orgasm.”

“I would rather remember even if sometimes it can be very painful.”

“I want to be spontaneous like a wild animal.”

“The sound of the human voice is the best of nature but only if it comes out from the feelings.”

“Sometimes I wonder if it does exist such a thing called personality.”

“Follow your body because most of the time it knows where to go.”

“I believe that nowadays we are in the process of establishing a new relationship between humanity, creativity and nature.”

“Wine making is an artistic creation in which you deal with a variety of styles, colors, and inspiration therefore good wine, like good art, can evoke emotions, sensations and create an experience which leaves a lasting impression.”

“We know how we were born, but know not how we will die.”

“For me personally, The Organic Creative Process helped me to discover what kind of actor I want to be; but this is a process that goes beyond acting. It actually revealed to me what I want to do in my life and that I have to work hard to make it real.”

“A great many a drop of water will create a creek.”

“Ellen Stewart has been a very important figure in my life. She had so much to say about art and theater but most of all she showed me that love is the most powerful tool in life.”

“I believe that if everyone would follow what they want it would be a very different world.”